We'll add postcards, as Alola spoilers every 5-7 days! Enjoy :)

Postcard v1

We now allow new players to start with a team of 3 Pokémon for a better experience in gameplay, and you can pick from any of these 17 starters.

There are also new rewards to help newcomers, you get them once you level up around levels 20~50, including one premium time ticket.
Other players will high level will get them aswell, and you can get only 1 ticket per account.

Hello guys, we are going to make a new contest!
If you want to participate on it, feel free to do it following rules.
Good luck to everyone.

[FONT=Book Antiqua]1. Imagine that you are on vacations in one of the Alolan's resorts.
2. Create a postcard regarding to your friend from Kanto. Write w message and design graphic for the card.
* The only allowed design is a in-real life drawing.
* We won't accept computer graphics, nor copies from uncle google and other websites.
* You need to write a message in english. If you have problem with that, you can ask tutors to help you in translation.
3. Once you draw the postcard and write the message, sign it with your in-game nickname
4. Postcard can have two sides - one with graphic and 2nd with message for a friend and his kanto address.
5. As you are the one, who spends vacations in Alola, your postcard design must be showing tropical-like environment and of course at least 1 alolan pokemon.
6. Message to your friend cannot be offensive and sexualy related. Such postcards will be disqualified and participants banned for 24 hours.

[FONT=Verdana MS]1st place: 30 days of premium, chosen TM 106-156, addon bag, statue of alolan pokemon, chosen by the winner (spriter can design it based on the picture, it can also be a depot)
2nd place: 14 days of premium, TM Case 8, statue of alolan pokemon (random)
3rd place: 7 days of premium, TM Case 7, statue of alolan pokemon (random)[/FONT]

Contest will be closed at 01/07/2017
Hi guys,
From now on, we'll put on this thread schedules for every week. We will put only dates, without hours (because things may be changing)

27.06 - Magma Golem raid
28.06 - hide and seek
30.06 - Knight Aggron raid
1.07 - Maze Event
02.07 - Raikou Raid
xx.06 - Brick/Feint quest implementation
Children's Day is at 1st of June in many countries around the world. With this occasion we've decided to give you little adventages.
We hope you'll enjoy it!

Hi guys, Diamond is online again, we are very sorry for the inconvenience.
9 players got their cloned tickets extended for 7 hours more.
Do you consider yourself as a graphic designer? Show us your creativity! Take a part in our Alola Background contest!

1. What to do?
* That's so simple, design your Alola Background and share it with us!

2. Rules
* The background must include Pokemons for sure and Padventures Logo - http://4.1m.yt/ORKBBGw.png
* Requiered size 1900x1000 pixels.
* Pictures must be saved in PNG or BMP. Jpg is not allowed.
* Post image with your character name + server
* Ready backgrounds from internet will be disqualified.
* It is allowed to create background with mixed pictures from net, but we rather if you create your own background from 0.
* One player can post max 2 backgrounds. They must be posted in 1 sign. Second sign will not count.
* Real Drawings are not allowed.
* Thread will be closed at 26 May 2017 / 23:59 Gmt +1

3. Rewards

* 1st place: - 60 Premium Days + - TM Case 10
We will use the first winning picture as a background for client for a period time.

* 2nd place: - 30 Premium Days + - TM Case 8

* 3rd place: - 14 Premium Days + - Kanto box 3

If you have questions, you can contact me in game, or post your questions in this thread.(Posts that don't follow the form will be deleted without warning, aswell comments)

PA Staff
Hi guys, after the next restart the easter event 2017 will be available on all the servers. In this edition of the event you can only do the event with TWO characters per account.

Find Juliet to start the event

- There are 220 eggs in total in the map
- 20 of these eggs are in premium area
- You don't need premium to complete the event
- You can get two rewards per character: Orange easter egg + Red easter egg OR Blue easter egg
- Be extremly careful when painting, do the maths before start painting, because you can only get each egg once, unless we reset your progress to 0.

* Just to make it very clear, it is:
Orange easter egg + Red easter egg
Orange easter egg + Blue easter egg

Orange easter egg

- 20x coloured egg (purple)
- 30x coloured egg (red)
- 30x coloured egg (pink)
- 20x coloured egg (blue)
- 20x coloured egg (green)

Contains one of the following:
- Buneary
- Bunnelby

Red easter egg requires

- 15x coloured egg (purple)
- 15x coloured egg (red)
- 15x coloured egg (pink)
- 20x coloured egg (blue)
- 15x coloured egg (green)

Contains one of the following:
- TM107 Chip Away
- TM110 Sleep Talk
- TM111 Fire Pledge
- TM114 Bulk Up
- TM118 Tsunami
- TM124 Power Whip
- TM126 Venom Drench
- TM128 Eerie Impulse
- TM131 Thousand Arrows
- TM120 Hurricane
- TM121 Fascade
- TM136 Aurora Veil
- TM138 Aurora Sphere
- TM140 Rage Powder
- TM141 U Turn
- TM142 Clanging Scales
- TM145 Twister
- TM146 Ominous Wind
- TM151 Brutal Swing
- TM153 Gear Grind
- TM154 Smart Strike
- TM156 Fairy Blade
- TM108 Echoed Voice

Blue easter egg requires

- 30x coloured egg (purple)
- 10x coloured egg (red)
- 10x coloured egg (pink)
- 20x coloured egg (blue)
- 30x coloured egg (green)

- Find the 20 eggs in the premium area

Contains one of the following:
- TM106 Boomburst
- TM109 Play Nice
- TM112 Flame Blitz
- TM113 Force Palm
- TM115 Brine
- TM116 Liquidation
- TM117 Surf
- TM119 Air Pressure
- TM122 Grass Whistle
- TM123 Magical Leaf
- TM125 Venoshock
- TM127 Electric Storm
- TM129 Electro Blast
- TM130 Magnitude
- TM132 Psychic Terrain
- TM133 Synchronoise
- TM134 Rock Storm
- TM135 Rock Power
- TM137 Ice Shards
- TM139 Lunge
- TM143 Dragon Storm
- TM144 Draco Pulse
- TM147 Curse Pledge
- TM148 Grudge
- TM149 Shadow Claws
- TM150 Snarl
- TM152 Magnetic Shock
- TM155 Misty Terrain

Additionaly the following Pokemon will give extra experience and loot during the event:
- Torchic
- Combusken
- Blaziken
- Wigglytuff
- Azumarill
- Spinda
- Voltorb
- Electrode
- Golem
- Geodude
- Nidorino
- Nidorina
- Whismur
- Nidoran
- Plusle
- Minun
- Umbreon
- Togepi
- Togetic
- Togekiss
- Jigglypuff
- Poliwhirl
- Poliwag
- Poliwrath
- Spheal
- Venonant
- Gastly
- Weezing
- Marill
- Hoppip
- Skiploom
- Jumpluff
- Gengar