Hello guys! We decided to make a mini lottery twice a month, you will never be informed about date or hour before.
For the first time, lottery thread will be open for 8 hours - next ones for just 2 hours.

Mini lottery means there will be just few rewards.

1. 30 days premium
2. Pikachu cosplay box
3. Random Pokemon*
4. Random Trophy/Statue/Figurine
5. 800HD


- Just sign up with your name + world. Post number = lottery ticket number.

*comes from my locker which contains pokemons from abusers or hackers.

Hello guys! We'd like to invite you to participate in our new contest for the best comics. It can be done with screens from game or with draws. Read rules below, before you will post your work!

- min. 8 pictures, max 20
- The only allowed language is english
- Vulgar words are not allowed
- 2 comics per player
- Comics can't offend anyone
- Comics needs to have a story made by you (in case if you don't know what is comics)
- Porn/drugs/racism related comics are not allowed, authors will be punished
- Comics can't be made with ready pictures from internet, it must be screens from game or your own drawings
- Comics can be posted till 7/09/2015

If your comics is done, just post it here with your name and world.

- 1st place
* Season Box
* Random Pokemon figurine
* Legendary Pokemon Bag
* Experience Ticket

- 2nd place
* TM Case 8
* Random Pokemon Figurine
* Random Pokemon Bag
* Experience Ticket

- 3rd Place
* TM Case 6 or 7 (you choose)
* Random Pokemon Figurine
* Random Pokemon Bag
* experience Ticket

If you have questions, feel free to ask!

Good Luck to everyone!

We have just introduced a new PvP system that consists of wars between guilds. You can talk with NPC Warlord on PvP Area in order to perform war actions and manage the balance of money of the guild. To test their skills and power or to solve an intractable conflict, guilds can declare war on other guilds that are on the same game world.

These details summarize the new system:
*Wars may only last from 1 to 30 days.
*Frag limit can be set from 10 to 1000.
*Guild leaders are the only ones that can perform war actions.
*Guilds can only be at war with one different guild at once.
*Guilds can set an optional penalty payment or not.
*Payment ranges from 500 to 10000 HD, both guilds must have the money on their balance to start the war.
*All guild members can deposit money to guild's bank balance, but only leaders can withdraw money.
*All invitations to a war expire after 3 days of being made if these are not accepted, rejected or canceled.
*Once a guild accepts a war invitation, guild members may attack and kill opponents anytime, anywhere except in:
(PvP Area, safari zone, national park, plane, train, ships and all protection zones)
*Guild invite and disband actions are disabled during a war.
*The war only ends when the time runs out, when a guild reaches the frag limit or when a guild surrenders.
*Only guild leaders may use the !surrender command on the guild channel during a war to end it.
*If a guild surrenders then the opponent guild wins the war and all the paid money is transferred to its bank balance.
*If a guild reaches the frag limit, or if time runs out and one of the guilds has more frags than the other one, it wins and gets all the paid money.
*If the war ends by timeout and both guilds end in a draw, the guilds recover their paid money.
*The money that a victor guild receives is the double of the payment that both guilds agreed to pay.
*Opponent guild members do not receive damage if they are involved in a duel.
*Player will be locked from logging out, teleport, riding, surfing, flying and walking in protection zones for 5 minutes if he kills an opponent.
*Guild members cannot be healed by enemies.
*Guild members cannot be healed by players not involved in the war only if the former has been involved in a fight for the last minute.
*Killing the same opponent more than 5 times for the past 24 hours will not result in frag score.
*Killing an opponent below level 80 that is 50 levels lower than killer's level will not result in a frag score and victim won't lose experience.
*Killing an opponent above level 80 that is 50 levels higher than killer's level, and if killer's level is below 80 then it will not result in a frag score and victim won't lose experience.
*Members that get killed by an opponent die for real, and lose experience except for players below level 50.
*There are war emblems to mark and identify the players involved in a war:

You can see the current activities of wars on a certain page of our website, on the web page of a guild involved on an active war, and on the guild management section that leaders and vice-leaders can see on the page of their guilds. Feedback and support about this new feature can be discussed on this same thread.
Hello players, with this update I bring you a new feature ...

Have you ever wanted to test a Pokemon before investing money and time on buying/catching it?
Have you ever wanted to test what is the best Pokemon to hunt in X respawn?
Have you ever wanted to know what is the most effective Pokemon to hunt X Pokemon?
Have you ever wanted to test what TMs fits better your favorite Pokemon?

Well now you can! With the testing rooms you can test any Pokemon you want, whatever level you want and with different TMs, simulate real hunting situations in the testing rooms ...

The entry to the testing rooms is located in the PvP lobby.

Each testing room is personal and works based on instances, to ensure there is always an avaliable room.

Use the training dummies to create a test Pokemon or to summon enemies.

Left dummy: creates Pokemon

Just select a Pokemon from the list, set the level and TMs and test it!

Right dummy: summons enemies

Select a target Pokemon, set the level and amout to summon, and get ready to fight!

- You cannot enter or leave the rooms with a Pokemon released.
- You cannot enter the rooms carrying Pokemon of your own, you need to leave them at your locker.
- You cannot logout in the rooms.
- If you are in the room and need to create a test Pokemon but you already holding 6 Pokemon, just throw them to the floor.
- You cannot use Pokedex in the rooms.
- The summoned enemies dont give any experience/loot.
- If you were to receive damage from the summoned enemies, they will be removed automatically to prevent your death.

- Use your mouse scroll or keep the buttons (http://1.1m.yt/yR_Cyu8mf.png) pressed to change the amount/level, these buttons doesn't react to keyboard arrows/numbers.
From from tuesday 18/aug 2015 till tuesday 25/aug 2015, all donations made by PayPal will receive 50% extra points.
10 » 15
30 » 45
90 » 135

Hello Players!
In this thread we are going to select
* 1-2 tutors for spanish channel
* 1-2 tutors for portuguese channels

Do you want to become one?
It’s your chance! Just sign up here!

Keep in mind that there are some requirements, though.
• Be an active and helpful player.
• Have good English.
• Know and follow all Rules.
• Have the desire to help players and the community.
• Have good behaviour. This includes all things like scamming.
• Players with newly created account on forum will not be considered.

Don't sign up here unless you can satisfy the position!

To sign up, fill the following form and post it here. Posts that don't follow the form will be deleted without warning, aswell comments. If you have questions, you can send me a private message in forums or contact me in game.

[QUOTE]Character name:

ATTENTION:we reserve the right to DENY ANY PLAYER that we judge as not capable for a tutor position due to bad behavior, bad historic or inactivity.

The topic will remain open for 10 days from now.

Any post non related to the main reason of this thread will be deleted.
It been almost 3 days since the system are enabled and ...

- Around 40 main accounts have been deleted permanently from our database, for abusing the Referral/Facebook system.
- Over 1200 fake referred accounts/Facebook spammer have been deleted.
- All of these accounts are deleted physicaly without any chance to be recovered.

This is just a warning for all the players out there that think they can get away abusing the new systems
Hi guys we need your help to grow as a community, I've made two new systems that will help you to help us, you can find these new systems in our webpage under the Account tab (requires login).

Facebook share

This is pretty simple, you can share our website in your Facebook wall once every 4 hours and you will get 1 Facebook bag (ingame item) in return, the sharing proccess needs to be done in the following link


Do not close the link while the sharing proccess is in course!

To get your Facebook bag(s) ingame you just need to use the command "!facebook" from the character you want to get them.

The facebook bags can give you a random item, some of them: valuable, decorations, consumables, pokeballs, evolution items, etc
Of course the really valuable items have a very low chance of being droped by the bag.

Referral system

We want to motivate you to invite your friends to join our community, so the referral system offers you some advantages for doing that!

When you invite a friend to join the game, make yourself sure to give him your character name correctly.

- If someone indicates you as referrer you will get a Referral box.
- Every 5 referred friends you will get another additional Referral box.
- Every 10 referred friends you will get 2 additional Referral box. (doesn't stack with the each 5 one)
- After reaching 30 referred friends (will someone ever make that?) you will get 2 Referral box instead of 1 for each invited friend + the bonuses of each 5/10.
- An email notification will be sent informing you about this.

If your friend donates you earn too!

- Every 15 points your referred friend donates you will get 1 free premium point.
- If your friend donates for less than 15 points, dont worry there is still a chance for you.
* Eg: If your friend donates to get 10 points you wont get any point BUT if in the future your friend donates (example) for 20 points more then you will get 2 points (10 + 20 => 30 / 15 => 2)
- You will get an email notification if you receive free points from the referral system.

- Zaypay donations doesn't count on the referral system.

Help and motivate your friend to level up!

- If your friend reaches level 60 you will get 1 Referral box.
- If your friend reaches level 100 you will get 3 Referral box.
- If your friend reaches level 140 you will get 6 Referral box.

The referral boxes can give you a random item, some of them: valuable, decorations, consumables, pokeballs, evolution items, etc
Of course the really valuable items have a very low chance of being droped by the box.

In theory the Referral boxes and Facebook bags are the same, but the main difference is that Referral boxes contains more valuable items and with a better chance.

You can check your referrals and manage your boxes in:


Boxes will be sent to your character next time you login ingame.

NOTE: Players to be found abusing the systems (refering yourself, making multiple accounts just to share) will be punished!
NOTE: Facebook bags and Referral boxes are already avaliable ingame but they haven't been enabled yet, they will be enabled during a mini update tomorrow 29/07/2015!