Hi guys,
We just want to inform you that Halloween Event starts in this Friday! It's 28/10/2016.
We can't tell you yet how long it will last, it's dependant on few things!
One of the rewards will be Honedge.
For more informations check our website in Friday!

Hello! We'd like to invite you to participate in our new conest - for the creepiest halloween house!
What you need to do? Decorate your house with halloween items!

- Every player can sign up with only 1 house
- You need to be owner of the house
- You need to give position of the house
- You need to post your nickname and world
- House must be decorated for halloween
- Halloween decorations must stay in house until contest is finished. In case your premium expires before, send me a private message.

Where do I get items to decorate my house?
- You can loot them from wild ghost/dark Pokemons
- You can buy them from NPC Buffy that is located in Celadon Mall
- You loot items from raids that will be done few times per day
- You can get some items from designer workshop, such as tapestries, floor etc

How do I participate?
- Take picture of your house, upload directly on forum or on some img hosting, for example http://imgland.net or http://imgur.com
- Post the picture here with your nickname, world and position.
- If you can't post your picture due to too low amount of posts, use this thread to get needed amount;

- 1st place: Spooky Medal, Pumpkin Reward (contains pokemons from previous halloween event), Cloned Island Ticket
- 2nd place: Spooky Medal, Random Elemental Box, Cloned Island Ticket
- 3rd place: Spooky Medal, Johto Box 4, Cloned Island Ticket

The Contest is GLOBAL
Thread will be closed at 5/11

During this time you will get 50% more points

Hello Players!
In this thread we are going to select

For Diamond:

* 2 Tutors for Portuguese channel
* 1 Tutors for Spanish channel

For Pearl

* 2 Tutors for Portuguese channel
* 1 Tutors for Polish channel

Do you want to become one?
It’s your chance! Just sign up here!

Keep in mind that there are some requirements, though.
• Be an active and helpful player.
• Have good English.
• Know and follow all Rules.
• Have the desire to help players and the community.
• Have good behaviour. This includes all things like scamming.
• Players with newly created account on forum will not be considered.

Don't sign up here unless you can satisfy the position!

To sign up, fill the following form and post it here. Posts that don't follow the form will be deleted without warning, aswell comments. If you have questions, you can send me a private message in forums or contact me in game.

[QUOTE]Character name:
Why do you want to be a tutor:

ATTENTION:we reserve the right to DENY ANY PLAYER that we judge as not capable for a tutor position due to bad behavior, bad historic or inactivity.

The topic will remain open for 7 days from now.

Any post non related to the main reason of this thread will be deleted.

Hi guys,
We'll enable donation from 16.09 till 18.09. You will receive 50% points more.

There will be also a little map update with a new respawns and 4 new pokemons to catch.

From time to time we'll be adding sinnoh pokemons to map.

Hi guys! We'll enable exp and loot x2 from friday to sunday night [09/09 - 11/09].

Exp and Loot x2 will be for Pearl and Diamond
Loot x2 will be for Platinum

Hello guys, as I said it's time to show You results of our little contest. It wasn't easy, we've seen a lot of great videos this time. What's weird, we decided to put two players on third place, because it was hard to tell which is better.
So if You're interested who won, here it is:

First place!

Escrabezzo, from Diamond


Second place!

Eldaku, from Pearl


Third places!

Exidil and Arcanist Karl, both from Pearl



Congratulations and thank You for participating, I hope You enjoyed it as much as I. Remember to stay tuned for more events and contest!

Important: Reward will be sent when I'll receive on private message a link with Your video with download link on Zippyshare.com or Dropbox or something like that. We don't want these trailers to disappear because we will probably use them somewhere.

PA Staff

Hi guys! Have You ever dreamed to be a famous movie star and get a lot of cash and fame? No? Well me too, but now You've got a chance to become one![/COLOR]

This time we would like to invite You to participate in our Padventures Trailer contest!

Wow! Great! What should I do, tell me please!

-It's simple! You have to make a video, and show everything great in Padventures! You can put regions, pokemons, people, memes, cool inserts, music and other stuff that Your imagination will tell You!

Okay, I will! Are there any rules or something??

-Well yes, there are few, check them out:
-Your trailer can't be longer than 5 minute,
-Your trailer should have Padventures logos,
- Your trailer has to be public.
-You can't use vulgar words or any racist and erotic related stuff, I know that You want too but not this time :C,
-Try to describe everything in Your video, new people might know what's so awesome in our game,
-You should use English language there,
-Feel free to put our official links somewhere,
-Your video should be uploaded on YouTube.

Awesome! Tell me something about rewards then!

-Only for 3 best trailers
-First place: Cloned Box
-Second Place: TM Case 10 + Kyogre Toy
-Third Place: Kanto Box 4 + Groundon Toy

Great, I think that I know everything, maybe I'll ask later but tell me how can I join it??

-It' very simple just make something like this:[/SIZE]

Remember, You've got 2 weeks, I'll close this thread on 1.09.2016

Regards, PA Staff

Hi guys, We are going to enable promotion for all donation methods. From 12/08 till 14/08 you can get 50% points more.